(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
n. slumber, somnolence, nap, doze, drowse, rest, repose; coma; hypnosis. —v. i. slumber, repose, doze, nap; be dead or dormant.
(Roget's IV) n.
Syn. slumber, doze, nap, rest, repose, sound sleep, deep sleep, nod, siesta, catnap, dream, hibernation, dormancy, Morpheus, the Sandman, snooze*, shut-eye*, the down*.
Syn. slumber, doze, drowse, rest, nap, snooze, hibernate, dream, snore, nod, yawn, languish, flag, relax, go to bed, rest in the arms of Morpheus, drop asleep, fall asleep, lose oneself in slumber, take forty winks*, catnap*, turn in*, go rockaby*, hit the hay*, hit the sack*, saw logs*, sack up*, sack out*, catch a wink*, roll in*.
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus)
slumber, rest, somnolence, *shut-eye, *Zs, snooze, nap, catnap, dozing, *forty winks, siesta, repose, hibernation, under the spell of Morpheus, land of Nod, unconsciousness, dreaming. ''A holiday from reality.''—Victor Ratner. ''Brother ofdeath.''— Thomas Browne. ''The death of each day's life.''—Shakespeare.
ANT.: wakefulness, consciousness, alertness
bedwetting: enuresis
between wakefulness and sleep: hypnagogic
breathing disorder of: sleep apnea
children’s waking nightmare: night terrors
deep sleep: sopor, stupor
dream sleep: REM sleep (rapid eye movement)
drowsy: somnolent
excessive: hypersomnia
expert in: somnologist
god of dreams, Greek: Morpheus
god of sleep, Greek: Hypnos
god of sleep, Roman: Somnus
grogginess caused by sleeping too long: Rip Van Winkle syndrome
hypnotized: trance
inability to: insomnia
inducing sleep: soporific, somniferous, somnolent
internal body clock controlling: circadian rhythm
presleep visions: hypnagogic hallucinations
sex demons of: incubus, succubus
sleeping sickness: narcolepsy, encephalitis
sleepwalk: somnoambulate
sleepwalker: somnoambulist
twitch of body or leg just before sleep: myoclonic jerk, hypnagogic jerk
unconsciousness, prolonged: coma
see dream
slumber, snooze, drowse, *catch some Zs, rest, *hit the sack, *get some rack time, go to bed, *conk out, nod off, turn in, *saw wood, *crash, *hit the hay, take a siesta, fall under the spell ofMorpheus, hibernate.
ANT.: wake, regain consciousness
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I noun The natural recurring condition of suspended consciousness by which the body rests: slumber. Slang: shuteye. Idioms: land of Nod, the arms of Morpheus. See AWARENESS. II verb To be asleep: slumber. Idioms: be in the land of Nod, catch some shuteye, sleep like a log (or rock or top), sleep tight. See AWARENESS.

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